Open the door to alignment with some deeper work!

Open the door to alignment with some deeper work!

Our journey is one of fluidity, lessons and growth.  If you are looking to do some deeper work and not sure how that's ok.  Maybe self-help books, podcasts and mentoring has not been working for you. You know there is something not in alignment with how you want to live your life. You feel this urge to up-level your self and life. You're not alone!

Not sure what that nudge is calling you to do?

let's try something different to get you where you want to be.

Discover your best self who is ready and already here. You just need to connect.  Connect to your wisdom, intuition, decision making strategy, driven self who is on purpose and makes a difference to others and the world around.

Whether you are wanting to dive into a specific area in life like career, money, life in general or realizing your dreams. You have the power of unlimited possibilities.  You also have the tools and proven methods to create the breakthroughs you are seeking. It's all about you and how you are ready, willing and committed to your up-level journey.  Learn more about programs at your fingertips to help you do just that below.

Fulfill your career goals without the detours and in a purpose-full way. 4 weeks to realign and to step into lasting creative, resourceful and aligned balance. Career Reboot Intensive is the key to getting unstuck and back on track! This blueprint is designed to shake things up for mid-career professionals who are downright tired.



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The 6-month group coaching program that simplifies your life, strengthens your core foundations, and turns those "must-do's" into "done's."



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Start here:

best.self.activation app

Go on a journey to activate your best self with a proven blue print, access to how to and community support in <10 minutes a day. Oh and at your fingertips!
Included in the app:

  • Foundations program, a mindfulness path to balance
  • Transformations program, the ultimate path to growth
  • Meditation libraries to reduce anxiety and stress
  • Hypnosis recording libraries to program your success
  • Breathing techniques to center yourself in your power
  • Journal prompts to allow your emotions and creativity to flow
  • Integrative exercises to access confidence, strengths and empowerment
  • Self-paced, at your fingertips so you can access it anytime
  • Community access for additional support
  • Trackers: Sleep, meditation, mood progress to instill new habits

Access recordings in one place: hypnosis, meditation, EFT tapping and other resources.

Foundations $4.99/month subscription ($.17/day)

Transformations $9.99/month subscription ($.33/day)

The world's first all-in-one subconscious mind hack designed just for women.

That is calling my name!

That is calling my name!

Are you ready to get rid of those knots in your stomach when you think about or have to make a decision about money? Do you want the tools and are willing to do the deep inner work to make the energy shift needed to set the course to achieving your financial goals?



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$10 mini course!

The dreams that you have are there for a reason: to be realized as a part of fulfilling your life purpose. 

Making Your Dreams a Reality. Many times we hesitate on dreaming big, believing in ourselves, believing we deserve it, our ability to take action and celebrating wins along the way.

In this mini course you will learn the 4-steps that allow you to make the shifts, create the dream, take the actions and realize what we desire in our lives.

4 Steps to realizing your dreams:
* Dream Design
* Dream Mindset
* Dream Goals
* Dream Realization

Aligning to your values, wants + desires, overcoming limiting beliefs, realizing your resources and taking action to make your dreams come true.

Includes: Concept introduction video, 24 page interactive workbook including tools to use ongoing + meet your future self guided meditation. + BONUS Guided Tapping video.  Instant access.  

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Realizing Your Dreams

“It feels great to know that whatever I am not getting from external sources, I can provide from internal resources.”

Rachel felt off and stuck.  She was blocked from tapping into what she really wanted. She was able to shift from depending on only external resources to tapping into her internal resources. This created inner balance and increased wellbeing.

be bold!

raquel got aligned and promoted!

"During our time together I quit a job that was draining me, befriended my younger self, and developed coping skills that help me navigate the anxiety that once held power over me."

Living Purpose-FULL 6 month Group Coaching helped Diana get out of her comfort zone and take charge of her career by discovering what she really wants, needs and what culture and team would align to her work values.

Diana doubled her income

“This course helped me narrow down my focus and develop a strong enough why for what I've had on hold for a while now.”

Melody broke through fear and procrastination, aligned in with her goals and put her plan into action!  Money fears that once held her back no longer keep her from achieving her dreams. Money Energy Reset Masterclass helped her breakthrough.

Melody launched her business!



"This course helped me gain a realization financially and personally to creating a life I’ve always imagined but didn’t think was achievable!"

Gia was able to create a plan that was actionable and gain clients quickly! She is now on her way to expanding her side business to one day make it her main source of income. Money Energy Reset Masterclass helped her get specific.

take action!

These programs use proven methods to up-level your self and life.

Study at your own pace

Plan based on your learning style

Increase your

Follow a proven roadmap

Can I work at my own pace?

Yes that is one of the most important pieces of this course.   Everyone is on their own journey and at different stages of their money energy.  It is completely online.  You will have access to everything and as you finish a lecture you will be prompted to go to the next.  If you are not quite ready yet that's ok.  You will pick back up in the masterclass where you left off. Take your time! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I access the meditations and EFT tapping videos after I'm done with the masterclass?

Yes that is the best way to fully integrate and embody the work you will be doing.  Repeat using them (unless I note to only do something once/twice).  I've included the scripts for the EFT tapping videos in the notes below the videos so if you'd like to copy them you can do these on your own eventually even without the videos.

Do I have to wait each week to start the next module?

Yes it's best to really let the integration and embodiment work do it's thing.  That takes time.  There will be daily activities (practical ones) to do throughout the week in each module as well.  You may also find some sections to need more time than a week to set in.  It's most effective to go in order through the exercises as they build upon each other. 

I’ve shifted from the corporate world into the helping industry at a time where major change can happen including revolutionizing the workplace and life in general. When people are fed up with living in survival mode and held back by conditioning and limiting beliefs it’s time to shift and I can help. 

I've curated these masterclasses, intensives, courses and group programs to allow you to get coaching breakthroughs in an affordable and self-paced way.  My hope is to help you confidently take steps on your journey that increase your fulfillment, success and wellbeing.

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I need this!

Imposter Syndrome

Find relief of the symptoms holding you back

Download the guide to tackle symptoms and break down inner barriers that can allow imposter syndrome to creep in. Learn how to recognize the patterns and 5 types of imposter syndrome and their inner barriers to find relief.

This is mine!