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Success + Mindset Coaching for the busy professional

I help clients shift their limiting beliefs and discover their gifts so they can be their true self.  I've always believed every person has talent, gifts and purpose.  There is a great life for everyone to show up authentically and be happy.

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If you're looking for more fulfillment, freedom and forward movement in your life and career, you're in the right place. 

I help busy professionals like yourself transform your mindset leading to an authentic and purposeful life. As a guide, I empower and enable you through my integrative methodology. My mission is to create space for you to determine your best life and how to get there.  


My AM Method ™ is a mix of neuroscience + intuition + mindset + strategy to help you increase confidence, form better relationships, overcome limiting beliefs, develop your purpose, set clear goals, reduce stress + overwhelm and feel happier.

What I do...

I’ve shifted from the corporate world into the helping industry at a time where major change can happen including revolutionizing the workplace and life in general. When people are fed up with living in survival mode and held back by conditioning and limiting beliefs it’s time to shift and I can help. 

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Love Your Gifts introduces 16 elevated gifts and guidance on how to clear the way to authentically activate and use those gifts. Authored by Angie McCourt founder and Success + Mindset Coach of Authentic Me Revolution.  Available in paperback, Kindle eBook and Audible audio.



Check out the interview between Doug Lewellyn of Close Up Radio and Angie on her book and authenticity in the workplace.

Life Strategy

Limiting Beliefs

* Mindset shift: work through limiting beliefs and challenging emotions to re-write your story.
* Self-confidence/self-esteem: limiting beliefs, rewiring mindset and self-actualization.
* Decision-making: strategies evaluation and rewire how you make decisions.
* The unexplained: phobias, habits and fears.
* Past life influence: struggles, lessons, injury, trauma, talents, relationships using regression.

Success + Goals

* Career: plan, change, discovery, confidence, reset, adjustment and skills.
* Leadership: skills, personal and professional development, empathy, authenticity.
* Entrepreneur: self-confidence, strategy, leadership, creation, expansion.
* Purpose: discover and find new ways to envelope a purpose-filled life everyday.

Why Coaching?

* Life changes: job, relationship, location, health and anything in between.
* Short/long-term approach to life: values, priorities, energy, desires, goals, action.
* Overwhelm: determine root cause, set boundaries and how to reduce overwhelm.
* Mindfulness living: habits, focus areas, inner balance and daily joys.

My Services

I offer 1:1 coaching using my AM Method ™ via video calls, digital courses and resources to help you shift on your journey.  I'm available for speaking engagements and to facilitate workshops virtually or in-person.


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Shifting Inside Out Podcast

Permission to work on the inside out diving into inspiring topics, hacks and guest speakers to revolutionize authenticity in the workplace and protect your personal power.


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Create your desired future by shifting your Money energy.


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Shift your mindset from limiting beliefs through a daily reflection + affirmation practice. This eBook provides a starter, but add your own as you establish this as part of your mindfulness practice!

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Private Coaching

Interested in my coaching services short or long-term? It’s up to you! Check out my 12-week VIP private coaching package including weekly 50 min. coaching calls, unlimited weekly Text and Audio messages between sessions using Voxer and VIP bonuses.

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Success Stories


“She has driven me to look deeper into my own true self, allowing me to find and lead with my best qualities.”

- Michelle

Make The Shift

Ready SetBook.

Are you ready to shake off limiting beliefs, create a plan and make the shift?

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31 day affirmations and self-reflection questions to guide t(w)eens through discovering themselves and how they authentically want to be and live in the world.