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Ready to Activate Your Elevated Gifts?

Do you know you have more to offer yet fear how your ideas will be accepted or how your message will be received? Are you showing up to work and life in your authentic skin without fear? We create a world of perfect outcomes in order to be acknowledged, valued and rewarded. Yet the need to be authentic hits our very core. It’s time to identify, value and unleash your elevated gifts. It’s time to be the true you.
In this transformational non-fiction book Angie identifies the many mindset, belief, culture and behavior limitations that impact how we show up authentically in the workplace. She is an advocate to increase awareness, acknowledgement, activation and appreciation of our other elevated gifts that bring value to culture and business. Offering a method to identify, activate and integrate these gifts. This paradigm shift will change our future innovation, interaction, relationships and development focus areas.

Book #1


Ready to Activate Your Authentic Leadership Gifts?

Do you find it challenging to lead others in a way that meets them where they are? Has it been difficult to navigate goal achievement? Are the old ways of getting things done not working anymore? Join the authentic leadership evolution. There is a way to clear away behaviors of outdated leadership styles to unlock the skills and capacities needed to drive cultural change and fluidity in business. It's time for our leaders of the future to transform now!

In this transformational non-fiction book Angie identifies the many outdated behaviors that impact how we show up authentically as a leader. She is an advocate to increase awareness, acknowledgement, activation and appreciation of our authentic leadership gifts that bring value to culture and business. Offering examples of modeling to identify, activate and integrate these gifts. This paradigm shift will change our future innovation, interaction, relationships and teams.


Book #2


Future Self Journey

Meet your future self guided journey is a fantastic way to align in with who you want to be.

ActIvation Workbook

Use this workbook with your 'Make The Shift' sections of the book as you do the inner work.

Chakra Clearing guided meditation

This 8+min guided meditation will aid in clearing your Chakras to get your energy flowing.

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About the Author

Angie McCourt is an award winning Author of 2 books, Host of Shifting Inside Out Podcast and executive at one of the largest tech companies. She combines a 30-year career as a successful business leader and expertise in mindset, life, success, and career coaching at a time where major change can happen including revolutionizing the workplace and life in general. We all have talents and gifts to share with the world to help make it a better place for ours and future generations. 'Getting past our blocks and barriers to unlock our possibilities is one of the greatest fulfillments in life.'


THis book will.....

Bring awareness of the shift to authenticity in the workplace (educate leaders on how to support).

Educate on limiting conditioning and programming with tips to activate consciousness.

Bring awareness of elevated gifts that may relate to the reader.

Provide real life examples through my own stories and observations. 

Offer a methodology to activate elevated gifts.

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If you’re ready to break free from “the box” and limiting professional expectations check out how you can tap into and appreciate your elevated gifts. Business, community and our world need your natural born gifts.  Available in paperback, Kindle eBook and Audible audio.

     In Part 3 of the book, activating your gifts take the quiz. Discover your primary archetype and the gifts you hold within you. There is a little surprise that will follow the quiz if you provide your email. 

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Book Review

"McCourt’s advice extends beyond the corporate world. Her unique approach urges us to recognize the humanity of employees and leaders both; she argues that when all our gifts are at last recognized and activated—revealing us as messengers, “edgewalkers,” transmitters, storytellers, and more—we “truly make a difference with our teams, business, leadership, and effectiveness.”

McCourt’s hope for her readers to become the best versions of themselves shines through these pages. McCourt herself has done the work she suggests to her readers, and she draws persuasively on her knowledge and experience, acknowledging that change takes time and that putting in the work today makes a difference later in overall satisfaction. Her takeaways are highly practical, as she debunks myths and advises readers to partake in original practices and quizzes—and recommends some outside material, too--to help grasp her insights and better know themselves.".......

"Think Katie's work is just for women? Think again. I'm a man (obviously), and my business tripled, too!"


tripled his revenue

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Book Talk/Club Guidance

group shifting!

Talk Topics

• Why is authenticity so necessary to build trust?
• Re-writing our story: overcoming limiting beliefs.
• Getting real: reducing burnout, overwhelm and disengagement.
• Managing our energy and qualities to balance our output.
• Using expectation setting to your advantage.
• Mindfulness as an important ingredient to finding internal balance.
• An understanding of what it means to be an authentic servant leader.
• Knowing the power behind how we engage with others.
• Guideline to how to empower and enable others.
• Gifts deep dive: top 3-4 per talk session.

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