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8 Essential Steps That Enable You to Live Your Life to the Fullest

I'm Angie!

Enjoy topics around success, mindfulness and personal growth amongst others interesting, helpful and relevant to the busy world we live in today. 

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Personal Growth

The eternal quest to be a better person tomorrow then today.

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8 Essential Steps That Enable You to Live Your Life to the Fullest

Few people make a conscious decision to live their life to the fullest. Too many people decide to get serious about living life after wasting decades.


Build habits that lead a mindful day and life.

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How many years have you been on the planet? How much have you accomplished? How much have you enjoyed your life? At your current rate of progress, will you get to do everything you want to do? Or, will you reach the end of your life and experience regret?

Few people make a conscious decision to live their life to the fullest. Too many people decide to get serious about living life after wasting decades. You don’t want to be one of those people.

Choose to make the most of your life with these tips:

  1. Clear your mind. Planning your life is serious business. You want to be relaxed and emotionally sound. Avoid planning out your life when you’re upset or tired. Take a walk, listen to some music, or get out of town for a day. Do whatever you need to do to get yourself into a neutral mental state.
  2. Decide what you want. What kind of life do you want to live? What do you want to achieve? What would you like to own? Where do you want to visit? What do you want to see and do?
  3. Create the ultimate bucket list. Write all of these things down and create a huge bucket list. You probably don’t have time to do everything you want to do before you die, but we’ll prioritize your list next. For now, just write it all down. List every single thing you can think of that appeals to you.
  4. Prioritize your bucket list items. Now it’s time to decide what matters the most to you. It’s not necessary to order every item on your list, because your priorities will change. Choose the five most important things on your list.
    • Ensure that you can do some of them in the short-term. It won’t be much fun if everything you’re working on will take 5+ years to accomplish.
    • When you complete these five items, create a new list of five items. Keep this up for as long as you can!
  5. Set goals to achieve these items. Create goals that will allow you to achieve the items on your list. You might need to save money to go to Rome, lose weight to complete a triathlon, or find a piano teacher to learn piano. Figure out the logical steps to complete the items on your list and get busy.
  1. Take risks. To live life to the fullest, you need to be bold. Some of the things that you want to do might make you nervous and hesitant. If you limit yourself to the things that are comfortable for you to do, you won’t live a full life.
  2. Ignore the noise. Plenty of people will criticize your plans and decisions. Just ignore them. Allow the mediocre people in your life to live their mediocre lives. Don’t allow them to drag you down to their level. You have things to do, so you don’t have time for their silliness.
  3. Be brutal when scheduling your time. How you spend your time each day is the ultimate determiner of the quality of your life. View your time like it’s the most important thing in your life. Plan your time as if you’re planning the most important trip in your life.
    • Go to bed with a detailed plan of what you’re going to do the following day. Your goals and plans are simply a guide for how to spend your time.

It’s up to you to wring as much life from your life as you can. There’s no way to add time to your life. It’s constantly flowing away from you. Make a decision today to live your life to the fullest. What are you waiting for?

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Hi, I'm Angie.
Your New Success + Mindset Coach.

I’ve shifted from the corporate world into the helping industry at a time where major change can happen including revolutionizing the workplace and life in general. When people are fed up with living in survival mode and held back by conditioning and limiting beliefs it’s time to shift and I can help. 

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It finally clicked!

The Key

Much of the work I have done has been with feelings, needs and with my subconscious. Rewiring programming that "I didn't matter" and "I am not enough" has been a journey. If I struggle with escaping to work when personal life got to be too much, I'm sure others do as well.  If I didn't learn how to address emotions and share my needs, I'm sure others have as well. If I was dealing with these inner barriers of "I don't matter" and "I am not enough" others must as well.
Creating lasting change has given me confidence in dealing wiht life issues instead of avoiding them. This eve led me to becoming a life coach so I can help others overcome their limitations. Going deeper is where I found the impactful transformation and I want to share that with others. Rewiring old programming to overcome self-limiting beliefs, learn how to feel the feels and release negative emotions in others is my mission. I've found so many clients dealing with the same inner barriers and avoidance in personal life.  I only wished I could scale the solution I found to work with so many. Then I started to think about how I love using apps and what if that is the solution. I use an app for everything and drove digital solutions in my previous career. A few of my coaching clients inspired me to come up with a solution for convenience and deeper, continuous work in between sessions.  Personal transformation journeys are just that, personal. They can also be very deeply complicated based on old programming and experiences in life that have led you to this point. It's the part of the iceberg we can't see. 1:1 coaching is a great way to break through self-limiting beliefs, establish healthy habits and mindfulness. It can also get expensive. I wanted to bring an affordable journey that is effective, proven and you can do at your own pace!

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