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Is the Goal Really the Point?

I'm Angie!

Enjoy topics around success, mindfulness and personal growth amongst others interesting, helpful and relevant to the busy world we live in today. 

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Personal Growth

The eternal quest to be a better person tomorrow then today.

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Is the Goal Really the Point?

Most of us would like a new car or a bigger house. Or maybe you’d like to climb Mount Everest. However, if you were instantly teleported to the top of Everest, you wouldn’t be as happy or fulfilled as if you actually climbed it. Our goals are more than just things we want to have […]


Build habits that lead a mindful day and life.

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Most of us would like a new car or a bigger house. Or maybe you’d like to climb Mount Everest. However, if you were instantly teleported to the top of Everest, you wouldn’t be as happy or fulfilled as if you actually climbed it. Our goals are more than just things we want to have or achieve. There’s much more to it.

You might think that you’d like to have a magic genie at your disposal. But it would be a lot less enjoyable than you think.

There’s more than meets the eye when it comes to your goals!

Consider these ideas:

  1. If you could have everything you want just magically appear, would you find that satisfying? If you’re like most people, you have a long list of things you’d like to see, do, and have.
    • Imagine you could just suddenly snap your fingers and be wealthy, play the piano, see Paris, lose 30 pounds, have a successful business, be married to the person of your dreams, and have three kids.
    • Imagine that and ask yourself how that would feel. If what you really want is to simply have all those things, you’d jump at that deal. However, you probably aren’t that excited when it’s presented this way.
    • The process of achieving something might be more important to you. Growing a business, finding your perfect romantic partner, and figuring out how to become wealthy are part of the journey.
    • Things don’t mean as much if you don’t have to work for them.
  1. How do you feel the day after completing a goal? Think about a big goal you’ve achieved. It might be landing a particular job, graduating from school, or seeing Hawaii. How did you feel shortly after it was over?
    • Soon after your great success, you probably felt surprisingly blah about the whole matter. Why do you think this is?
  1. Is it the struggle that matters to you? Maybe the struggle is what appeals to you. Maybe it’s not winning, but putting in the time, sweat, and tears that makes it all worthwhile. Maybe it’s the thrill of overcoming a challenge. You certainly don’t experience that when you don’t have to work for something.
  2. Is it the personal growth that makes achieving goals satisfying? Is having a successful business exciting? Or is it learning new skills, developing the perfect sales pitch, and becoming a new and improved version of yourself?
    • To achieve a big goal, you must grow and develop yourself. Is this what really appeals to you?
  1. Struggling leads to learning. If a new car is just handed to you, you lost an opportunity to learn how to earn, save, and invest your money. When you face challenges, you’re forced to learn. Either you study, or you make mistakes and corrections. Both are forms of learning.

Think about all the things you’ve achieved. Now, imagine all of those things had just been handed to you. How does that make you feel? Would you still be the same person if you’d lost 50 pounds by waving a magic wand versus changing your diet and working hard at the gym?

We get more from achieving goals than just the end result.

Our goals are a way to struggle and grow. Goals provided a sense of accomplishment when they require work and effort to achieve. Self-confidence and self-esteem grow as well when goals are set and accomplished.

Having something handed to you is nice but delivers much less meaning. So, avoid wishing for good luck. Instead, wish to be stronger and more determined. Although achieving it is fantastic, the goal itself isn’t really the point!

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Hi, I'm Angie.
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I’ve shifted from the corporate world into the helping industry at a time where major change can happen including revolutionizing the workplace and life in general. When people are fed up with living in survival mode and held back by conditioning and limiting beliefs it’s time to shift and I can help. 

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Much of the work I have done has been with feelings, needs and with my subconscious. Rewiring programming that "I didn't matter" and "I am not enough" has been a journey. If I struggle with escaping to work when personal life got to be too much, I'm sure others do as well.  If I didn't learn how to address emotions and share my needs, I'm sure others have as well. If I was dealing with these inner barriers of "I don't matter" and "I am not enough" others must as well.
Creating lasting change has given me confidence in dealing wiht life issues instead of avoiding them. This eve led me to becoming a life coach so I can help others overcome their limitations. Going deeper is where I found the impactful transformation and I want to share that with others. Rewiring old programming to overcome self-limiting beliefs, learn how to feel the feels and release negative emotions in others is my mission. I've found so many clients dealing with the same inner barriers and avoidance in personal life.  I only wished I could scale the solution I found to work with so many. Then I started to think about how I love using apps and what if that is the solution. I use an app for everything and drove digital solutions in my previous career. A few of my coaching clients inspired me to come up with a solution for convenience and deeper, continuous work in between sessions.  Personal transformation journeys are just that, personal. They can also be very deeply complicated based on old programming and experiences in life that have led you to this point. It's the part of the iceberg we can't see. 1:1 coaching is a great way to break through self-limiting beliefs, establish healthy habits and mindfulness. It can also get expensive. I wanted to bring an affordable journey that is effective, proven and you can do at your own pace!

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